Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Asleep by's why-

Yesterday I woke up from night 2 on an air mattress thinking, "ugh, better than the first night I guess."  It was grey, foggy and humid and I had committing to meeting up with our besties for a playdate during Oliver's nap time. 

Oliver's morning nap is verrrrry important to him, unless it's Saturday in which case he doesn't seem to need it.  This nap needs to take place when the rest of the mommies and babies seem to be doing all sorts of fun things: playgroups, story times...well whatever other activites they do, seeing as I always miss them and have no idea what they are.  Being a lazy bones myself, I would rather have Oliver sleep so I can lounge, and I have never been to motivated to try and break him of his routine.  But I know that this kid needs more socialization opportunity (I'm still bothered that he's not using words despite what everyone says about him being right on kids a genius and should be talking!) and that opportunity is 10am.  If he is stimulated enough he can usually make it through postponing a nap anyway, so I decided we'd go for it.

It didn't go so hot.  I had a cranky pants before leaving the house, I had a cranky pants in the car, and I didn't know where I was going.  I had a vague idea of where this playground was, but I was very distracted by the angry toddler in the backseat.  Luckily, I've realized that Laurie Berkner's "Moon Moon Moon" is not, in fact, a lullaby, but a magical incantation that calms my shouting baby.  So I had that to sing over and over until he calmed down and fell asleep.  Which is when I got the voicemail that the playground was  a no-go, still wet from then night's rain, and we'd probably meet at the mall instead.  Such great news! I took my time weaving through back roads to get to the mall so monkey-boy could sleep and I even sat in the car in the parking garage for a little bit while he snored away.

We made it to the play space in the mall and things seemed to be looking better.  The power nap in the car had to have made some difference, right?  Well the attitude did seem better, but Oliver has a relatively short attention span for playing in there, as much as he loves it.  I need to take a minute to complain about the play space's design flaw: a wall right in the middle that is impossible to see behind, yet has things behind it to play with.  Oliver was spending a lot of time back there and I kept excusing myself from mom-versation to peek at where he was.  I saw him running around back there and figured he must still be playing at the mirror when I got up again to check..nope.  Gone!  He was no where to be found inside the play place!

My right brain immediately came up with 124,643,346,888 horrible things that could have happened while my left brain said, "check the quarter rides he's been trying to get to." Not there. "He likes the escalaters." (Right brain: "Oh, God! Escalaters!") Left brain again: "Pet store."  And as I started walking towards the pet store I see BFF standing in the middle of the play place pointing to the pet store and my barefoot brat a straight shot from the entrance, in front of the bull dog I've been pining for for weeks and the St. Bernard we played with the night before.

After that Oliver and I went to grab some greasy and delicious S'barros for lunch before meeting or friends back at their house where we'd spend the rest of the day.  Since we are living out of boxes right now and most of Oliver's toys are in a storage unit we were invited over for dinner and more playtime.  Things went well for a while, then another nap time came around.  After fighting with a pack and play we were able to get it set up in the nursery for Oliver to try and nap in...and he refused.  He cried and snotted all over utnil I gave in and took him out.  It was pretty down hill from there.  His attitude got worse and worse and culminated in a disastrous dinner time (thank God daddy had met us over there by then!).

We very rudely ate and ran, leaving our mess behind.  I was dreading the ride home and was close to beggin Nate to pop the car seat in his car, but surprisingly there was not a peep out of the boy and he was asleep quickly.  He was not happy getting out of the car, getting in the house, and while we had a few smiles with the mention of a bath, he was over it before we could wash his hair (yes, WE, it was a two parent job).  Bed was not happening without a bottle of water to keep him calm and hydrated, but somehow...we made it!

I was asleep before our first DVR'd program for the night was over!

On another note: I am halfway through my pregnancy! So crazy! I can't believe it's been 20 weeks already!
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  1. Congrats on the HALF WAY mark - that creeped up on us too. We can't believe we are already at 6 months and 1 week... blow our minds actually!

    But I am reminded every time she kicks, dances and of course gets the hiccups...

    Glad to see you are not too bothered by missing the playdates... really who needs them anyways! Sleep will get you beautiful skin and a happy baby, really a much better thing than a date with play :)



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