Wednesday, May 18, 2011

19 weeks 1 day

Just realized I don't have a single belly shot of the little stinker! Poor neglected second child.  Had Nate snap a quick BB picture as he walked out for work.  Clearly I'm still getting ready for the day!

(Have I mentioned how much I miss my camera!? Hoping that GeekSquad comes through for me!)


  1. I love belly shots of others, not usually

    Wow! I didn't realize we were so close in how far along we are. I am 19 wks and 3 days ( I think)..I'm due Oct 10th!!

    And what happened to your camera? I would die without mine.

  2. Oh I am ding with my camera. my sweet one year old got his hands on it..then he threw it on the tile floor :/

    I am due Oct 11th!


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