Monday, May 16, 2011

Cost of Tonight's Smile- $1.69

My dear, sweet, amazing husband listened when I told him how excited I was to get to Christmas Tree Shop and buy fun summer serving stuff for our new yard-to-be.  For Mother's Day I got a gift card to Christmas Tree Shop, and tonight after dinner he suggested there as our walk-around place since it was raining and Oliver and I had already been to the mall for a playdate today. 

Of course, being a wife and mother, I had a hard time picking things for myself while I could find several things for my husband and baby.  Well one thing I couldn't walk past was a little wooden whistle for $1.69.  I've mentioned buying instruments here before, I got Oliver a bunch for his stocking this past December, so I was excited to see new instruments to choose from.  I blew on the whistle (without putting my mouth on it! Eww) and the smile I got from my boy was precious!  I wanted to let him try, after all he looooves his harmonica.  He knew just what to do when I got over the yuk factor and let him see it for a second.  So after a few "toot-toots" I looked at hubby, and he looked at me, and we silently agreed this was coming home.  I grabbed a wrapped one for Oliver and as soon as we were out of the store it was opened and in his hands. 

After a few hesitant and unsure blows Oliver was a wooden whistle wonder!  And the cheers from mommy and daddy with each successful whistle caused an eruption of laughter that was contagious.  The whole ride home sounded like this:
(by mommy and daddy)
::baby belly laugh::
::daddy belly laugh::
::mommy belly laugh::

It was such innocent, simple, and pure fun.  I could watch Oliver whistle and smile forever and my heart would swell and break always.  I love him so much that his perfection kills me!  And I love that something so basic and inexpensive could create a memory that will last forever (for Nate and I anyway).

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