Tuesday, May 17, 2011

19 weeks today!!!

Somehow I've made it to 19 weeks already!  I can't believe how fast the second pregnancy flies by!  Oliver does a great job keeping me busy I guess.  He is a go!go!go! type of kid.  I can't wait for our new home which will make getting out and doing things with him so much easier.

Back to my belly-baby.  According to Babycenter.com my little stinker is the size of an heirloom tomato and may be able to hear us already.  Craaaazy!  The man I so lovingly refer to as Baby-Daddy-Natey-Poo can just about feel this little one flip and flutter.  A lot of times I get all excited for a movement he has to have felt...but no, he was busy chatting and missed it.

Courtesy of BabyCenter.com

On Saturday I did my 2hr glucose tolerance test.  When I was pregnant with Oliver I didn't mind the taste of the orange crap too much.  This time, however, I wasn't able to get it down quite as fast and the last bit of it was especially hard to swallow.  Yech.

I got to the lab at 6:11am and had one of those lovely "I could use more sleep" headaches.  So the drink didn't make me feel so hot.  One thing I learned and did not do when I tested during my first pregnancy was that walking for 20 min after eating will help keep your blood sugar numbers low, so after finishing the crap juice I went for a stroll around the lab before returning to the waiting room for the remaining hour and a half.  Was it effective? We'll find out Thursday.  No matter what I just know I'll have to repeat the test in a few weeks.

And for anyone who has been following... we are two days from ultrasound day!!! Yahooooo!!!  My practice has two techs and with Oliver the woman who did the gender reveal kind of killed the excitement.  I guess she caught a glimpse without trying and nonchalantly said "well it's a boy." And my response was- "Oh?"  I so wanted an emotional reaction to my baby's gender.  But nope.  The moment had come and gone withoutceremony.  I was pretty bummed. 

This time the tech I like is doing the U/S so I'm hoping it's a little more special.  And this may sound wierd...but I really want a print out of baby's "stuff".  Is that edging on pervy?  I've always loved seeing other people's U/S pictures and seeing different anatomical shots- a foot, an arm... some testicles.  I am so amazed by the ability to sneak a peek at the little one growing into a real human that I love seeing these pictures.  With Oliver all I got printed out for me was the standard profile shot.  I got some extra U/Ss with Oliver because of the GD (up side I guess) and at one time we got the funniest quick glimpse at his balls.  It was so funny.  My mom had been saying "What if they're wrong? Make them double check," and I mentioned this to the tech.  Well after this little glimpse it was very obvious there was no mistake.  It was such a funny image I would have liked a copy of it (I guess that's just my sense of humor) but he moved to quick.

I also want a picture to torment my family with.  They won't be able to tell (I think) so it will be fun to show them before we announce the baby's gender to everyone in person on Saturday.  I don't know how I am going to keep my mouth shut from Thursday to Saturday!!!!

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