Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a Weekend!

WARNING: Now that I have a camera again, my picture taking obsession is back in full swing!

Nate and I decided to surprise his family this weekend with an unannounced trip to New Hampshire.  Our sister in-law had planned a memorial for her father who was taken by cancer last fall, and we felt we should be there.  We were successful in surprising everyone, and Oliver had a blast!

There was a small slope on one side of the park and Oliver made a game out of walking up and running down it!  He was CRACKING UP!

PBGV puppies Pepper and Pretzel.  They were soooo stinking cute!

He tried taking the slope a little too fast and tripped.  He even did a little roll... he wasn't sure how he felt about it but I promised in a few years he would love rolling down hills!

Someone LOVES his daddy!

Pepere teaching Oliver to take pictures.

The next day we took a trip up to Barrington, NH where my husband's family has a lake front cabin.  It is such a beautiful place.  This will be Oliver's first mobile summer so I am both excited and nervous to see how this goes.  This weekend was supposed to be spent opening camp for the season, but an unfortunate accident cut the visit to the lake short.  My mother-in-law received a phone call while we were there that her father...her hero... was being airlifted to Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston.  With no other details things were very scary.  My father-in-law rushed her back to her mother's house and we stayed put so Nate and his younger brother could finish putting in the dock;  it was very important for them to keep busy and be productive and helpful.  Oliver had a tough time being kept away from daddy, but I'd say he had an enjoyable first taste of summer at the lake.

 We learned a little while later that Bub, my husband's 80 year old gradfather, had been up on a ladder (a homemade, straight ladder) getting a flower pot from the loft space above the garage and fell about 10 feet, basically landing on his face. He is currently in the ICU and will be needing extensive plastic surgery in the future. He is stable but in critical condition. We are all very concerned and saddened to see such a strong and independent man in such a fragile state. All prayers are welcome!

Monday was a tense and emotional day, with more information making its way to us regarding Bub's condition and the extent of his injuries.  We did visit with Ga, my husbands grandmother, late in the morning and it was clear that the events were taking a heavy toll on her.  My heart is heavy imagining the situation she is in- this is the man she has loved for decades and he is in a hospital bed, a shell of his usual strong self.  I'm just happy that we could bring Oliver to her for a few smiles.

After his nap and lunch we walked Oliver to a playground.  It was soooo hot and sunny...I'm thinking Oliver may have got a nasty diaper rash (possibly a yeast infection, going to he pediatrician in a bit) from all the sweating he does.  BUT he had a blast playing.

We teetered and tottered and enjoyed the one area of shade in the whole playground!


  1. Cute pictures! I hope the little guy's bum is okay!! :)

  2. thanks! i love taking pics of him, can you tell!!! well it's not an infection which is good. but this is my first experience with a bad diaper rash and I hate how painful it is for him to get cleaned :( I love that little bum!


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