Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Here's wishing every mom and mom-to-be much happiness!  Hope your day was wonderful.

I woke up to a smile from my husband and I could just tell he genuinely wanted to give me a great day.  He's so sweet.  When he got Oliver out of his crib he had him bring me a purple tulip in bed.  It was the cutest thing ever!  Especially since I had been telling my husband that I don't care for or want flowers...but he's smart enough to know that a little something is nice.  Seeing flowers after thinking I didn't want them made me feel so thankful to have such an amazing, considerate, and loving man in my life. 

Oliver simply does NOT cuddle or lie in bed with us.  He just has things to do and places to go.  But it's still nice to pop him up on our bed some mornings.  I got a few seconds of his head on my pillow and his face to mine.  I'll take what I can get from that beautiful boy of mine.  (While I appreciate his Independence and the fact that he is so great in his crib...I'm thinking baby #2 might get some more co-sleeping time than bassinet time).  I got an extra hour of sleep while baby played and daddy made us breakfast.  I loooove my sleep, so that was just great! AND I loooove breakfast- double great!

My mom and sister came up from NJ to be with us today.  I got some new maternity clothes from them! Yippeee! I cannot express how much I lovemy maternity clothes.  I'm a bigger girl but when I am pregnant and I am so happy with my body.  I actually lose weight when I'm pregnant and when I gain it goes just to the belly.  LOVE THAT! And I love the maternity pants tha come all the way up under my bra.  Not sexy.  But it makes my belly so smooth and round, and while I'm still pretty early in my pregnancy, it actually makes me look pregnant and not just fat.  I so needed these clothes as a condfidence boost, plus most of my maternity clothes from Oliver are fall and winter clothes.  Won't work this time!

We drove up to Guilford for lunch when Oliver woke up from his nap.  By the time we were together and decided what we were doing it was a TERRIBLE time to try and go out for mother's day lunch.  Every time we've ever been to the Guilford Mooring the place is empty.  NOT the case on mother's day.  The poor hostess was so frazzled, we found ourselves wanting to give her a hug!  Our waitress was just as frazzled but at that point we were hungry and Oliver was losing patience, so there were less warm and fuzzies going her way.  Sorry waitress.  Everytime we eat there we have to walk down to the public beach and playground not far away.  I could so see us living in Guilford, and then reality hits me when I remember the price tag that comes with Guilford real estate.  Sigh. 

I loved this playground on the beach while I was pregnant and on a visit last summer when Oliver was only in crawling stage.  Now that he's becomming more independent and playground savvy I didn't care for it too much.  Oliver is a huge fan of slides and the ones there had low sides that made us all a little nervous, and were in parts to steep and fast for him, and in other parts his shoes would stop him from going down smoothly.  Since he's still just a toddler, slides are pretty much our basis for judgement so this park just gets an OK.  Older kids would definitely get more fun out of this playground.  It was a nice day and nice to be outside so it as overall a good experience. 

We had to wait for parking, a table and food, and I had to brush off all the germophobic remarks and grimaces from my mom and sister (just like everytime they're around Oliver), but I had a great day with my family.  I consider myself very lucky to have all that I do.

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