Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's a BOY!!!

So here is the U/S picture I couldn't post or tease my family with since it's quite obvious-
Boy parts!  To the left side you can see a leg on the top, a leg on the bottom and a weenie in the middle pointing to the right.

So I was wrong in thinking this was our girl.  When I first got pregnant I wanted it to be a boy very much, but once I thought that this pregnancy felt different than with Oliver, and the midwife put in my head that the fast heartbeat meant girl...well, my heart was set on girl.  Once I started feeling movement I began to change my mind and think "hmmmm...this one feels like it's moving more than Oliver did.  Has to be a boy!"   I've also been thinking that Oliver would enjoy a brother much more with such a small age difference, and it would make room sharing easier. And boy it is! Yippeeee!

Baby-Daddy-Natey-Poo has been very much looking forward to announcing the baby's gender the same way we announced Oliver's: with cake!

I made this cake around midnight last night and was tempted to throw it out the window!  I didn't have enough frosting and blue crumbs were starting to get all over the white frosting.  And then I remembered the box of Trix we bought (2/$4 with a $.55 coupon that doubled at Stop and Shop...Hollaaaa!) and used it to hide my cake's imperfections.  Not like I'm trying to impress anyone, just surprise them.  And it worked...with the help of some pink frosted cookies as a decoy.  tee hee heee.  I made sure the cookies were on the counter and when my sister said "Oh Pink! It's a girl," I acted surprised and upset that I had left stuff out by accident.  I guess my acting was so convincing that my sister picked up a girly onesie when she ran back out for a minute. 

Today was so wonderful!  Oliver was soooo adorable in music class this morning, our BFF's came over with their 3 young'uns, my mom made us a delicious baked ziti with eggplant, the "boy cake" surprised everyone, we got some packing and moving done, AND we got to see Oliver take interest in a newborn for the first time.  And boy was he interested! He looooved her!  He knew to be gentle and wanted to kiss her again and again.  It was so sweet.

Still limited to BlackBerry pictures, but here are some more of the moments that made today special:

Is that not the most adorable "Just tooted on daddy's arm" smile you've ever seen!?

Flashback: Oliver's gender reveal day :)


  1. Yay!! I thought about you all day- I'm so happy for you!! Congrats on the baby boy bun in your oven!! Now time to start picking names!! :)

  2. Thank you! We are just about set on a name. Owen Maxwell. Owen was high on the list with Oliver and I like the idea of them having the same initials: OMY (O, My!) lol

  3. yay! congratulations, that cake looks awesome and i think that is such a great way to announce the gender!


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